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Homemade, fresh smoothies and juices – a healthy alternative to store-bought juice

Smoothies and freshly squeezed juices are pure vitamin bombs and strengthen the immune system when freshly prepared and drunk. They protect against free radicals that damage the cell nucleus. Green smoothies with lots of leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale are particularly healthy because their high chlorophyll content can lower cholesterol levels.
The sweet fruit smoothies, on the other hand, are usually very high in calories and replace a whole meal. Therefore, you should mix your juices well and not only use sweet and high-calorie fruits. The Hurom H320N also handles soft fruit better than other devices. It doesn’t clog and gets a good amount of juice out of this fruit too. So-called juice cures are also popular to detoxify the body, improve the complexion and promote digestion. The Hurom H320N is particularly suitable for green leafy vegetables, because it also shreds these without fibers and juices them gently and rich in vitamins. In contrast to store-bought juice, which is often provided with additives or is obtained less gently from concentrates, with a slow juicer you have full control over the ingredients and you get absolutely fresh and vitamin-rich juice, since the juicing is done very gently.
Being able to make ginger shots fresh and undiluted is a real highlight for me for the coming cold season. Because the freshly squeezed ginger juices really pack a punch and allow the gingerols they contain to develop their full health-promoting effect.
However, if you thought that you could save money with homemade juices, you will be surprised. To be honest, it worked and that’s how it was. Because if you don’t dilute the juices and use high-quality organic vegetables or fruit, a glass of freshly squeezed juice costs a lot of money. So it’s clear why the industry is stretching supermarket juices or increasing volume with cheaper fruits, such as bananas or apples, which are plentiful in almost every ready-made smoothie.
Nevertheless, the freshly made juices and smoothies are incredibly tasty and you will find many ideas in the recipe book included – and the Internet is also full of great ideas for juices and smoothies.
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