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Orange Power Juice: the best of fruits and vegetables!

With the new year came a few good resolutions for us as a family. And in our case they are not only very healthy, but also incredibly tasty. We have decided to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetable juices into our diet every week. We immediately bought a slow juicer and since then we have loved making delicious juices together. Until now there have only been classic ginger shots to support health. We have now expanded our repertoire to include a wide variety of juices. We’ve already tried green juices with spinach and herbs, processed berries and pomegranates into red juices and finally conjured up this Orange Power Juice , which has become our favorite with its refreshing acidity and the full power of citrus fruits, apples and carrots .

This is hidden in the Orange Power Juice!

Orange Power Juice contains the best of oranges, lemons, tangerines, ginger, apples and carrots . The bright orange color invites you to grab a glass and enjoy every sip of the refreshing drink. The most important question is: which nutrients are in this juice that do so much good for the body?

Oranges provide the body with vitamin C , which strengthens the immune system . But it also contains B vitamins , biotin and folic acid . They also provide your body with important minerals , trace elements and bioactive plant substances that support your immune system.

The lemon is known to be one of the largest sources of vitamin C. It also supplies the body with calcium , potassium , iron and magnesium . In terms of taste, they provide a pleasant freshness in the juice .

As a citrus fruit , tangerines are also full of vitamin C. But that was not all! They also contain a lot of fiber , B vitamins , vitamin A and beta-carotene , which has an antioxidant effect. Tangerines contain fewer minerals. They are more likely to be fruits with a higher sugar content.

Apples are true all-rounders when it comes to health. In addition to B vitamins, the delicious fruit also provides you with vitamins C and E , as well as minerals , trace elements and antioxidants . They are also rather low in calories and therefore absolutely recommended.

Carrots primarily provide beta-carotenes , which the body converts into vitamin A and is needed for vision and the immune system. But you also get B vitamins , vitamins B and C , potassium , iron and magnesium with the orange vegetables.

Ginger is a real super tuber and is even considered a medicinal plant. The tuber can help with digestive problems, nausea and colds, among other things. In terms of taste, its typical spiciness brings a certain pep to this Orange Power Juice and should be dosed carefully.

This is how I juice the fruits and vegetables for the Orange Power Juice!

As mentioned above, we bought a slow juicer in the new year . The choice fell on the H320N from Hurom Europe . What particularly impressed me was that he treated the ingredients particularly gently while retaining the maximum amount of nutrients.

But how does that work? The H320N works with a snail-shaped press that mimics natural movement . The ingredients are squeezed out in the same way as if you were to squeeze an orange by hand, for example. Unlike juicers and blenders, the fruit and vegetables are not chopped but simply squeezed .

As the name suggests, the slow juicer works slowly to avoid oxidation and thereby retain as many nutrients as possible. That was an important reason for us to choose this slow juicer! Because we wanted to retain exactly these nutrients that are lost through other preparations such as cooking.

Handling the H320N is super easy. In this case, I peeled the oranges because there are a lot of bitter substances under the peel that don’t taste as tasty in the juice. I didn’t cut the peel off the lemon and just quartered it. The apples must be cored because the cores are poisonous and do not belong in the juice. You can cut the carrots a little smaller if you like, and the ginger can be put in the slow juicer in one piece, but peeled.

The ingredients are prepared in just a few minutes and can be placed directly in the top compartment of the slow juicer. You can also add additional ingredients later through an opening. After you turn on the device, the delicious juice flows out on the left and a container on the right collects the pulp, i.e. the press residue. These are completely dry, which is the best sign that the slow juicer is really squeezing the last bit of juice out of the ingredients.

Before we bought it, we were a little worried that cleaning it might be a bit complicated. We were convinced otherwise! The device can be easily disassembled and cleaned directly under running water and with an appropriate brush. Provided you do this immediately after pressing! Under no circumstances should the leftovers dry out, otherwise cleaning becomes a challenge.

Because of its easy handling, quick cleanup and perfect, delicious results, we love making our juice with the H320N! A delicious juice is pressed at least twice a week that the whole family enjoys.

How long does Orange Power Juice last?

After preparing it, we usually put our juice in the fridge for half an hour . This adds even more freshness and tastes even tastier. As soon as everyone has drunk their first glass, I pour the juice into a glass bottle with a swing top and put it in the fridge.

You should definitely store it there to extend its shelf life. It only lasts for one day if not refrigerated. Stored in the refrigerator, you can drink it for up to three days . We usually prepare enough juice to last us two days. Before drinking, you should stir it well again so that everything combines well again.


  • We like to try our hand at preparing juices! Random combinations often produce really tasty results.    
  • The nutrients of most fruits and vegetables are hidden beneath the peel ! So don’t peel apples, carrots, etc. 
  • I only remove the peel and white skin from the orange. There are a lot of bitter substances in this , which are healthy, but in larger quantities make the juice no longer as tasty. 
  • You don’t have to throw away the pomace ! You can use it to bake , cook or compost it ! 

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