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Your Health, Our Priority

50 years of research by HUROM,
Thinking only about your health.

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Hurom creates innovative technology

For over 50 years Hurom has been
working to build a stronger bridge
between people and health.

We’re juice enthusiasts with the know-how to improve even the most perfect beverage to make it more nutritious, delicious and convenient.
With a Hurom juicer, you get the culmination of these 50+ years of relentless research, development and the pursuit of perfection.
Every Hurom appliance comes equipped with a warranty to provide you with extra peace of mind with your purchase.
HUROM Technology 1
Slow Squeeze Technology (SST)
✓ Natural nutrients found abundantly in fruits and vegetables
✓ Natural nutrients from seeds and peels
✓ Natural nutrients that are heat sensitive
✓ Natural flavors, colors, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables
HUROM Technology 2
Stainless Strainer System
✓ Your choice of strainer for your choice of juice, smoothie, or ice cream
✓ Stainless properties for limited contamination and a clearer juice
HUROM Technology 3
Filter Type System
✓ Minimum inconvenience when cleaning
✓ Simply rinse in running water to clean
✓ Easier assembly and dismantling made possible
HUROM Technology 4
Multi Screw System
✓ All-in-one filter can be used for all ingredients without exchanging filters
✓ Make juices, smoothies, and ice cream with a single filter
✓ Easier and more convenient cleaning and assembly
Hurom is Safe & Easy

With a goal of empowering everyone
to enjoy the benefits of fresh juices daily,
we build our juicers with great care.

HUROM Technology 5
✓ Inlet that is two times wider, allowing for whole fruits and veggies
✓ Automatic cutting feature reduces time to prepare ingredients
HUROM Technology 6
✓ Simple touch of a button for easy operation by anyone
✓ One juicer for anything from juices to nut milk ice cream