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A-C-E juice introduced by Doris Flury

Cold-pressed juices refresh the body and mind, and they provide us with vital substances, enzymes, vitamins and minerals! 🤗 Drunk in the morning, the freshly squeezed juices boost the metabolism.

Here is a delicious and simple basic recipe. 👇🏻

A-C-E Juice

4 carrots 🥕

2 oranges 🍊

2 apples 🍎

1-2 tsp linseed oil (optional)

Put everything in the juicer. Add linseed oil to the juice if desired. You can make bread or cookies with pomace! 🤗 If you like, add a stick of celery or some cucumber 🥒.

I use the new and sustainable juicer H330P from @huromeuropeofficial!

For more information, please find in Doris’ Instagram account and her online shop