How to use? - Hurom Europe
How to use 2 different kinds of strainer?
Hurom has fine and coarse strainer. Choose strainer for suitable ingredient.
Use fine strainer with ‘small holes’ if you want somewhat clear juice or firm and fibrous ingredients like apple, carrots, grapes, salary, etc…

Use the coarse strainer with ‘bigger holes’ if you want more pulpy and thicker juice
or soft type of ingredients like strawberry, kiwi, banana, etc…
How to use Control Level?
Control lever helps to squeeze all the nutrients of seed and peels of ingredients more firmly in the juice.

Start on ● CLOSE position.
Stay Close position in case of soft ingredients like strawberry, kiwi, banana, etc…

For fibrous or with seed ingredients, once chamber starts filling up, switch the control lever to Half-Open and stay till the last minute of squeezing to extract pulps remaining inside of the chamber. You may experience a little shaking. But, it is normal.
How to prepare the ingredients
Carrot : Carrot is very firm, so cut them by finger size and put slowly in the hopper chute.
Broccoli: Cut to smaller pieces from the larger central stalk.
Banana: Banana is soft and has lots of fiber, so cut them as little pieces.
Kale: Hold 2~3 of leaves together and roll up to put in the hopper chute.
Pineapple : Cut Pineapple in half and remove the stem in the center.
Chives, Salary: In case of fibrous and long ingredients,cut into small sized less than 2~3cm.