Slimmer and Lighter but will all Features!
Experience the new Hurom slow juicer created through 40 years of innovation and experience.

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Hurom is a well-built machine, a sort of luxury car in the world of juicers.
The Hurom juicer makes smoothies, frozen dessert, or pulp-free liquid juice out of anything from beets to berries.
Hurom high-tech juicer makes creating your favorite beverages easier than ever.
A Hurom life is a life well lived

Hurom crafts easy to use, high performing slow juicers that are guaranteed to create distinctive juices of the best quality, helping you to elevate your life.

So quiet!
"Our new juicer is amazing. So quiet too, which is important with a new born."
We LOVE Hurom!
"Hurom makes it easy to eat my fruits and veggies and to convince my kid to do the same."
Excellent & elegant design!
"This juicer is a total life changer! Not to mention how nice it looks on the kitchen counter."
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IF Product Design Award
International Design Excellence Awards
Reddot Design Award
Kitchen Innovation Award