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Best Masticating Juicer HAA – Review by

In contrast to the rapidly spinning blades and screens in a centrifugal juicer, a masticating juicer crushes ingredients more slowly, yielding as much liquid as possible while retaining as much nutritional content as possible. The nearly silent Hurom H-AA operates at just 43 RPM and can juice just about anything with amazing effectiveness, whether that’s fruits and veggies or even soybeans or almonds for non-dairy milk. This machine also gives you pulp-customization options, with the ability to make orange or other citrus juice with a bit of texture, too. It did a good job with veggies, but we would recommend chopping them into fairly small pieces for best results.

The H-AA’s design means it’s quite multifunctional, with the ability to make tofu, ice cream, and more in addition to milks and juices. We found it a bit complicated to put together, take apart, and clean, but it does have a safety lock system that keeps it from turning on unless everything is properly installed. It’s a sturdy machine that can handle years of heavy use, though the price tag definitely reflects that level of quality.

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