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H320N Review by Julie Gri

Design and quality
The first thing that struck me when unboxing my Hurom H320N was the weight of the parts. Everything is quite heavy andexcellent quality… we are really not afraid that it will break by putting large carrots in it. It’s been a long time since I had a device of this quality in my hands and it’s really nice.
Whether it is the engine or the plastic elements, it’s really high end… moreover the motor is guaranteed for 10 years, that is to say how much it holds up!
The materials are chosen with care, everything is BPA free of course, and everything is done for RESIST. For example, the endless screw that allows you to crush your fruits and vegetables is in Ultem. Ultem is an amorphous polymer that offers exceptional resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, chemicals and impact. It is used in aerospace, automotive and medical industry.
The device is quite large, but the design is neat, so it is not massive. It fits well in the kitchen 🙂 I chose the green colour, I think it brings a somewhat original “natural” touch. For me the black was too massive, the white too plastic.

Use Case
The Hurom H320N is a puller really very easy to use. Unlike my Panasonic model, there is no need to remove seeds from fruit, for example. You can put there whole apples, carrots, pieces of ginger… you name it. The tank is large enough, you can easily make 500ml of juice at once. If you want to add fruit or vegetables you can do it through the hole at the top (a carrot goes through, but not an apple) or open the bowl completely to add more (the device pauses when you open it).
There is a “reverse” button in case a food gets stuck, but for my part I have never used it.
The preparation of a juice is quite fast because you don’t need to make tiny bits of fruit and vegetables. You can put whole apples without worries. For my part, I still prefer to cut them in 2 or 4, but it’s mainly to put more in the tank.
I also made almond milk with, it works great. To do this, simply leave the almonds to soak overnight before rinsing them and passing them through an extractor with 500ml of water.

As for cleaning, just take everything apart and rinse. You can also brush the filter lightly to remove the pulp more easily. The tip where the fibers come out unclips for easy cleaning. It really only takes 2 minutes and it is not a false promise. Really, it’s life-changing compared to other models that are less convenient to disassemble and less convenient to clean.

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