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H320N introduced in Hotravel magazine

The new Hurom H320N juicer now delivers even more nutritious juices thanks to its slow squeeze technology.

Vitamin preparations, smoothies & Co. are currently experiencing a real boom – because nowadays there is a clear trend towards healthier living. You could also say: The smoothie is the new fast food, because here, with just a few sips, all the important nutrients to cover the daily requirement are ingested. On closer inspection, the powdered drinks that can be bought in the supermarket are often not the “yellow of the egg”. It’s better to make nutrient-rich fruit juices yourself – which is particularly easy to do thanks to the new H320N juice extractor from Hurom. What’s more, the device produces clear juices that are less viscous than smoothies and therefore easier to drink. Hurom comes from South Korea, where the juicing of vegetables and fruit has a long tradition. But the company wants to do more than just juice: The “Slow Juicer” use the patented Slow Squeeze technology. Instead of crushing the fruit, it is squeezed out by hand, minimizing damage to the ingredients.
The slow rotation of the blades also ensures reduced heat generation and oxidation – the cell structure of the fruit is preserved. With the H320N, the ingredients can be added whole, so you can also create nut milk and yoghurt bowls. The devices work particularly quietly, are easy to clean and free of chemicals. The H320N comes in various colors.