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How long is the storage date of Juice?
Possible to store in the refrigerator for up to 2~3 days.
However, it is best to drink right after the squeezing since nutrients are decreased gradually as time passes.
The condition of juice can be different depending on the store condition of the container, ingredients and temperature.
When is the good time to drink juice? Can you drink on an empty stomach?
People with good and healthy condition can drink anytime.
However, drinking on an empty stomach or before bed can cause stomach aches depending on body condition.
Acidity and fibers on fruits and vegetables can simulate the stomach.
It is best to drink juice after the meal.
Don’t want to waste the pulp?
When we eat fruits and vegetables as juice, it eliminates the insoluble fiber that disturbs digestion and raises the absorption rate of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and fibers.
If you want to have more fiber, please use the coarse strainer.

Pulp can be used for various kinds of food recipes.