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A-C-E juice introduced by Doris Flury

Cold-pressed juices refresh the body and mind, and they provide us with vital substances, enzymes, vitamins and minerals! 🤗 Drunk in the morning, the freshly squeezed juices boost the metabolism.

Here is a delicious and simple basic recipe. 👇🏻

A-C-E Juice

4 carrots 🥕

2 oranges 🍊

2 apples 🍎

1-2 tsp linseed oil (optional)

Put everything in the juicer. Add linseed oil to the juice if desired. You can make bread or cookies with pomace! 🤗 If you like, add a stick of celery or some cucumber 🥒.

I use the new and sustainable juicer H330P from @huromeuropeofficial!

For more information, please find in Doris’ Instagram account and her online shop

Hurom H330P review by Julie Gri.

The H330P is a high-end extractor . It is pretty , powerful , quiet and it is BPA-free . The brand has also taken care to use eco-responsible packaging, to remain consistent with its approach close to nature. The juices are cold extracted, via a slow vertical extraction method, to preserve the vitamins and minerals.

Top of the range, just the way we like it!

If you’ve ever seen a Hurom juice extractor, you know that the key word is QUALITY ! The design is sleek and the materials used are solid and of course BPA-free.

The Hurom H330P is available in 3 colors:

  • Antracite (dark gray)
  • Dark blue
  • Ivory (off-white)

Materials used by NASA

The part that allows you to crush your fruits and vegetables is in  Ultem . Ultem is an amorphous polymer that provides  exceptional resistance  to high temperatures, corrosion, chemicals and impact. It is used in aerospace, automotive and medical industries.

For more information, please find in Julies blog, Instagram and Youtube.