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Your health, Our priority

For over 50 Years Hurom innovated the world's first Slow Juicer and keeps creating innovative technology juicers. ('Vertical Cold Press Juicers').
With Hurom’s patented Slow Squeeze Technology, you can enjoy a fresh juice full of flavor and nutrition.

Happy Customers Around the World

85 countries and counting! Hurom continues to contribute to the world's expanding juice and smoothie culture as a premium brand. Hurom headquarters and manufacturers are in South Korea.

We’re juice enthusiasts with the know-how to improve even the most perfect beverage to make it more nutritious, delicious and convenient.
With a Hurom juicer, you get the culmination of these 50+ years of relentless research, development and the pursuit of perfection.
Every Hurom appliance comes equipped with a warranty to provide you with extra peace of mind with your purchase.
HUROM Technology 1
Slow Squeeze Technology (SST)
✓ Natural nutrients found abundantly in fruits and vegetables
✓ Natural nutrients from seeds and peels
✓ Natural nutrients that are heat sensitive
✓ Natural flavors, colors, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables
HUROM Technology 2
✓ Inlet that is two times wider, allowing for whole fruits and veggies
✓ Automatic cutting feature reduces time to prepare ingredients
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⦁ 3 days Juice cleanse by Julia Stephanie
⦁ 3 days Raw food retreat by Maria Sperling​
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