A healthy glass of juice in one go!

Enjoy wonderful flavors and
good health at the same time

New Hurom

Hurom Slow Juicer Premium Series

The powerful juicers of the Premium Series sport a trendy look and are designed to provide customers with a superior juicing experience.

Hurom gives the priceless gift of free time in the morning

Hurom’s new model, which is more convenient than ever before,
allows our customers to enjoy the experience of falling in love with Hurom juice all over again every day.
With enhanced functions designed to offer greater usability, we make juicing more convenient and help you free up a little more time to relax in the morning.
The smart hopper, which is designed to enable one-step juice extraction.
That give you a much-needed few extra minutes of free time while the juice is being extracted.
Also, the internal vertical structure of the juicer has been designed for easy pulp expulsion,
and the slim body design allows you to fit the device into even the narrowest of spaces.

Wider body allows all ingredients to be inserted together!

The smart hopper, which has been designed to automatically feed the ingredients into the juicer after they have been inserted all together, is incredibly convenient, because it eliminates the need for the repeated manual insertion of ingredients.

Convenience of the dual hopper!

The dual hopper, which can be installed and removed when necessary, features two slots that have been more efficient juice extraction process with our dual hopper!

Smart control with a Jog Dial!

The power Jog Dial is located on the front for increased visibillity and convenience of use.

Wonderful flavors and vivid colors!

Hurom juice, which always features a fresh scent and vivid colors, perfectly preserves the natural flavors and high nutritional value of the ingredients using a juice extraction method that involves slow squeezing.

Fast juicing with a vertical process!

The vertical chamber, which boasts a top-down internal structure that is a departure from the original side vents, is easy to use due to its enhanced pulp expulsion function and ease of cleaning.

More space for you!

The juicer’s sleek and slim design makes it the perfect addition to any kitchen. It is so slim that it can fit in even the narrowest of spaces, freeing up valuable space on your counter.

Semitransparent Hopper

The mixing bar automatically inserts and prepares the ingredients by pushing them through the C-wing (combing wing) and T-wing (trimming wing).

Get every last drop thanks to the three-degree tilt

The floor of the new vertical chamber is tilted at a three-degree angle so that you don’t have to tilt it yourself. This lets you get every last drop of Hurom juice!

Easy-to-clean pulp container with vertical structure

By transforming the former horizontal structure into a vertical one, it is now easier to expel pulp and clean the inside of the machine. The internal structure for the insertion of ingredients also increases space availability.

Healthy habits of happy people, Happiness begins with Hurom

Hurom Life offers information and tips on how to maintain peace of mind and bring greater happiness into the lives of you and your family.
Enjoy a few moments of happiness during your hectic day with a glass of juice that embodies the value of healthy food directly from nature.

Hurom Slow Juicer

Premium Series