New Hurom H200

Simply Perfect


Hurom Slow Juicer Premium Series

The powerful juicers of the Premium Series sport a trendy look and are designed to provide customers with a superior juicing experience.

All in one.

The new H200 features a complete juicing system from start to finish. From chopping to juicing.

More room,
less prep work

Enjoy the perks of a wider hopper chute by placing in whole fruits and vegetables instead of chopping them into pieces.

Automatically cut, inserted, and extracted

Introducing the newly desgined trimming wing, cutting and pushing the ingredients inside, which means that you don’t have to do it.

Slow Squeezing Technology

The slowly rotating screw squeezes and extracts nutrients while generating a minimal amount of frictional heat and oxidization, keeping taste, colors, and nutrients intact.

Simplified design for easy assembly

The design provides pre-determined grooves that fit together when the Mega Hooper Set is placed onto the body, for a perfect fit every time.

Clean up made easy

Specially designed strainers minimize pulp build-up between the strainer gaps for a quick, easy, and thorough wash.

Hopper Chute for continuous jucing

Keep adding ingredients through the provided chute, while the juicer is juicing.

Healthy habits of happy people, Happiness begins with Hurom

Hurom Life offers information and tips on how to maintain peace of mind and bring greater happiness into the lives of you and your family.
Enjoy a few moments of happiness during your hectic day with a glass of juice that embodies the value of healthy food directly from nature.

Hurom Slow Juicer

Premium Series