Make Various Dishes at Home with

Hurom Chef


Hurom Chef

Hurom Chef is a highly versatile line of juicers that are well equipped for preparing a variety of dishes, including soups, pastas, meat dishes, and desserts.

Make Various Recipes with Hurom Chef

The multifunctional, four-in-one Hurom Chef can be used to juice fruits and vegetables, grind various ingredients, and knead dough for noodles, making it possible for the user to prepare a wide variety of recipes with greater ease.

Simple & Easy

Hurom Chef features various easy-to-use nozzles that have been designed to satisfy specific cooking needs.

Clean & Durable

Not only does Hurom Chef boast luxurious color and design, it is also highly durable. The machine also has detachable parts, which makes cleanup much easier.

Multifunctional 4-in-1 Machine

Hurom Chef can be used to grind and blend ingredients, knead dough for noodles, and make rice cakes. Not only can this highly versatile machine juice fruits and vegetables, it can also help users prepare a wide range of recipes, including homemade noodles and natural seasonings.

1. Extraction Feature

The fine strainer ensures the complete separation of all nutrients from the fibrous compounds in fruits and vegetables, offering better texture.

2. Kneading Feature

Hurom Chef can be used to knead dough, to which users can also add natural colorings to make custom doughs.

3. Noodle-Making Feature

Hurom Chef comes with four different types of nozzles to help the user make a wide variety of noodles with ease.

4. Grinding Feature

The grinding chamber can be used to grind different spices, allowing the user to make custom seasonings at home.


Hurom Chef Adjustable Juicing Cap

The new adjustable juicing cap can now control the pressure at which the pulp is discharged, making it possible for the user to juice various types of ingredients with greater precision.


Versatile Nozzle Assortment

Users can make a wide variety of noodles, including various kinds of Japanese and Korean noodles (udon, kalguksu, somen, etc.), and Korean rice cakes (tteokbokki and sweet rice cakes).


Different Uses for Various Purposes

Depending on how the strainer and grinding chamber are assembled, users can juice fruits and vegetables, grind spices, knead dough, or make noodles and rice cakes.