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A bit about our company

Hurom is the pioneer and leader of the slow juicer field in the world. Hurom has the world's first patented slow juicer ('Vertical Cold Press Juicers'). After we introduced the world's first vertical slow juicer, a new trend started in the juice industry - which is “slow-squeezing" the ingredients to not lose nutrition! With Hurom’s patented Slow Squeeze Technology, you can enjoy a fresh juice full of flavor and nutrition.

Who can become a Hurom Brand Ambassador?

Anyone who loves healthy juice, lives in Europe, and has a minimum of 500 followers can become a Hurom Brand Ambassador. We only ask for one thing in return, to create content and post.

What are the benefits of becoming a Hurom Brand Ambassador?

By signing up to become a Hurom Brand Ambassador you will get a FREE Hurom slow juicer, discount code and personalized referral link. The more you are active, the higher chance you will have to receive additional free products, special gifts, and even can earn some sales commission upon agreement.

What should I do as a Brand Ambassador?

As a Hurom Brand Ambassador, you spread the miracle of healthy juice with Hurom slow juicer by completing simple activities on your own social media and other channels. Brand Ambassador will be working with us for three months and the Company will give 2 mandatory missions per month to Brand Ambassador.

How to join?

Becoming a Hurom Brand Ambassador is very simple. Fill out the application form and read carefully the terms and conditions below. After submitting the Application Form, you will go through an approval process.
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